Ready to Reset

ReadyToReset_blogWhat do you get when you mix fellowship, food, fun, and a teaching with 150 women?  Why, a girls’ night out, of course!  And that is exactly what happened this past Monday evening at the Ready to Reset women’s event at RBC. Even the bitter cold weather could not keep the women away from this special evening. The night began with fellowship, ice breakers, and a great selection of hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and delicious flavored coffees and teas.

​Our ​speaker, Cheryl Ryan, shared from her own life, and the lives of Leah in the Old Testament, and Paul in the New Testament. She explained how God uses ​H​is ordained resets in all of our lives to bring us to ​Him. Those resets can be slow or fast, gentle or painful, surprising or even shocking​, but one truth is constant -​ ​in the resets God always remind​s​ us of ​His great love and grace in our broken lives. Yes, we still live in a broken world​,​ yes, we ourselves are broken, and yes, our hearts are constantly wandering away, but God is redeeming and rescuing us right in the midst of the difficulty, pain, brokenness and confusion.

With ​Leah​ we saw how she​ was “working” for her husband’s love by giving him son after son after son.  ​For Paul​, it was how he​ was “working” by proudly boasting of his own righteousness​. And ​for ​Cheryl​ she​​ shared with us her own personal story of believing that to be good Christian ​meant she had to “work” at being strong​ in the Lord​. In all these cases ​God ​broke through their circumstances and ​showed that the “work” had already been done​ and that the good news is – it Is finished! The love and approval each desperately needed was only to be found in God, and they discovered they didn’t have to work for it.  They actually found His wonderful love and grace was already theirs not by working for it, but by seeing and admitting their own weakness through​ His appointed​ reset​​.

If you enjoyed the event and would like some follow up, we encourage you to please visit the Women’s Ministry of Reston Bible Church Facebook page. There we will be offering some follow up resources, including the references to ​t​he quotes you all have been asking ​for from the event​. ​If you weren’t able to make it to Ready to Reset, in the next few days we will be posting the audio to Cheryl’s message there on the page as well. Then watch for more information on how you can ask follow up questions regarding the teaching. ​You will also find more frequent quotes and resources to encourage you as you follow the page. So let’s get the conversation started by “liking” the Women’s Ministry of Reston Bible Church Facebook page and we’ll meet you there!

Take 5: Anatomy of a Message, Part 12

What do you want to accomplish though your message? Every message should have a clear goal. Here are three major considerations when thinking through the goal of your message.

Take 5 is a series of videos for pastors & teachers of God’s Word. Mike Minter, teaching pastor and founder of Reston Bible Church, shares practical wisdom from over 40 years of ministry experience.

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Take 5: Anatomy of a Message, Part 11

As you deliver your message, set the tension. Tension creates in your audience a desire for resolution and keeps them engaged as you teach toward that resolution.

Take 5 is a series of videos for pastors & teachers of God’s Word. Mike Minter, teaching pastor and founder of Reston Bible Church, shares practical wisdom from over 40 years of ministry experience.

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QUEST Trail Guide DevoThe “Trail Guide” devotional is used by our adult leaders of grade school groups in Quest as a way to prepare their hearts and minds for the topics we will be covering with the children on the weekend.  We have made them available here to help our parents of grade-schoolers engage with their children around the topics we are discussing and also for anyone else that might be blessed by following along.

EXTREME MAKEOVER, Section 3, Lesson 2: Teach the Children Well

When we think of Daniel we think bravery, good looks, government leader, survivor of the lion’s den, prisoner of war, advisor to kings, child… What? Where did child come in? Let’s think about it for a moment. We know from Scripture that Daniel was a youth, probably about 14 years old (think 8th grader), when he was taken from his home in Israel and into captivity in Babylon. Upon his arrival he was offered the best food and wine in the palace, but thought of a plan to keep himself kosher.

Already as a young teenager, Daniel was knowledgeable about his God and his faith. I’m fairly sure that the King of Babylon didn’t have any Hebrew schools at the palace. So Daniel had to have had a very solid understanding of his faith, the food laws, the teachings regarding the worship of Yahweh alone, and most importantly a deep respect for the Lord BEFORE arriving in Babylon. When he came to Babylon he then was taught about, “all kinds of literature and learning,” but what he knew about his faith was already so ingrained that he held steadfast to the God of his fathers.

There are two important lessons for us here. 1.) The mind of a child is more than capable of taking in and assimilating deep truths about God, and 2.) What we believe about God and the world around us, our “worldview” and morality, are pretty well set in stone by the age of 14 and will not easily be changed. In short, we are working with young people in the most crucial time of life for the mind. Let’s help the children this week understand the aspects and power of the mind in our lives. How can each be renewed by the power of Christ?

“Don’t live any longer the way this world lives. Let your way of thinking be completely  changed. Then you will be able to test what God wants for you. And you will agree that what he wants is right. His plan is good and pleasing and perfect.”    -Romans 12:2



Dan 5:12 & 14 | Col 3:2 ! 1 Sam.3 | Ecc.7:25 ! 2 Corinthians 10:5


Sunday Rewind | 11.16.2014

Sunday Rewind


Open Up Our Eyes (Ephesians 1:18-19a) – Nothing Is Wasted by Elevation Worship

Endless Light (Psalm 113:3-4) – Cornerstone by Hillsong Worship

Christ Is Enough (2 Corinthians 12:9) – Glorious Ruins by Hillsong Worship

The Lord Our God (James 1:17) – Let The Future Begin by Kristian Stanfill (Passion)

Be Thou My Vision (2 Corinthians 3:17-18) – Cathedral by Heartsong

In Christ Alone (Galatians 2:20) – Let The Future Begin by Kristian Stanfill (Passion)


TEACHING: A Study of Deeper Faith in Colossians, Part 15

Everyone has a platform to proclaim the “mystery of Christ.” What gospel inroads has God given you?




  1. What was one thing you found particularly interesting, insightful, helpful or difficult to understand from this sermon?
  2. Read and discuss Colossians 4:2-6 . What do these verses tell you about you? What do they tell you about Jesus?
  3. Would you consider prayer a strength or a weakness in your walk with the Lord? Why? How do these verses instruct us in the area of prayer?
  4. Have you had any recent opportunities to “proclaim the mystery of Christ” (v. 3)? What happened?
  5. What does it mean to “walk in wisdom toward outsiders” (v. 5)? Do you make the best use of your time with those who do not know Jesus? How can you grow in this area?
  6. What does it mean to be gracious in speech (v. 6)? Do you consider your words generally to be “seasoned with salt”? How do you need to grow in this area?
  7. “God did not come to heal all your pain, but to give you the grace to get through the pain.” Have you experienced this? How do you respond to that statement? How can pain become a platform for the gospel?
  8. What “gospel inroads” has God given you? What do you need to do in faith & obedience to make the most of those opportunities?
  9. Spend some time in prayer about the things you’ve discussed. Ask God to give you opportunities to proclaim Christ in clear and wise ways to those around us.