I still remember my first time attending RBC Summer Camp.  I grew up in a Christian home and knew all the Bible stories and memorized all the AWANA verses, but I didn’t see how it all impacted or affected my life.  The summer after my freshman year of high school, I went to camp, and for the first time in my life I took a break from all my electronics and non-stop activities and thought about what all this “God stuff” I knew about really meant in my life.  I still remember the speaker explaining God’s love and forgiveness and it just “clicking” for me as I saw into the depths of God’s incredible grace towards me.  Looking back, here are some of the ways I have seen camp affect me:

Summer Camp allowed me to build friendships.  I went from being a kid who only came on Sunday morning and felt alone even at church, to always wanting to be at youth group.  Over my time in the youth group, I went from being quiet and shy to being outgoing, because I had real relationships and I understood the acceptance of God.

Summer Camp forced me to focus on God.  There is no magic formula.  We just remove distractions, focus everything on God, and it is amazing what He teaches.  We give students an extended time alone with God on Thursday morning, and it is amazing how for many students this is the best part of the week.

Summer Camp allowed me to make decisions.  When I stepped back from my world, I could make decisions about what was really important.  I could really decide who I wanted to be.  This is one reason we are excited about our topic this year.  We are going to be studying the life of Daniel.  While in our society truth and morals are relative, Daniel had the core convictions to follow God regardless of the circumstances around him.  Even in captivity, he was convinced that God’s Word was true, God is Good, and God’s commands are to be obeyed.

Summer Camp gave me memories.  Camp was just flat out fun.  Between spending a week with friends and tons of great activities, it was always a highlight of my year that has left me with so many great memories.

I don’t know exactly what decisions will be made this year at Summer Camp, but I trust its impact will extend far beyond what I will ever know.  Watch the first video (above) to hear some stories of how camp has impacted lives.  The second video (below) contains fun highlights from last year’s Summer Camp.

Details and Registration are available at www.restonbible.org/summercamp If you have any questions about camp, please let me know (aaronosborne@restonbible.org).  We also have several scholarships available, where students can work to earn a portion of the funds they need for camp.  For registration and scholarship information, please contact Mallory Clark at malloryclark@restonbible.org.  Discounted registration ends May 12th.